Change Cursor On Your Game | UE 5

Step 1: Create a Widget for Your Cursor Image

  1. In your Unreal Engine project, navigate to your content folder.
  2. Right-click on the content folder and select "User Interface."
  3. Name your new widget "WB_Cursor."

Step 2: Design Your Cursor Widget

  1. Open the "WB_Cursor" widget you created.
  2. Add a Canvas Panel and an Image to your widget. This will be the container for your custom cursor image.
  3. Select the Image element and set your cursor image. To do this, go to Brush > Image. You can use your own cursor image or obtain one from a resource like Input Prompts Pack.

Step 3: Configure the Widget as Your Cursor

  1. To make your custom widget act as a cursor, you need to configure it in the Project Settings.
  2. Go to Project Settings > Engine > User Interface > Software Cursor.


That's it! You've successfully created a custom cursor for your Unreal Engine game. Now, when players use the cursor in your game, it will display your custom image.